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Weight Loss Program Based on Your DNA

If you are someone who has tried upon numerous diet plans in order to achieve your respective health goals, stop right now!  By getting along with these entire low calorie, high protein diets, you are simply playing with your “metabolic engine” which will take you nowhere with your health and fitness goals. Hence, it’s time now that you must put an end to these temporary solutions and look ahead for a better plan to protect your overall health. So, if you want to lose some good weight without compromising on your eating habits, we got something really interesting for you.

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Our 37/10 DNA transformation weight loss program brings the most advanced, yet medically proven methods to help you lose weight naturally and safely. This 12-week program is carefully designed to test your DNA to further kick start your health and nutrition goals. The concept mainly revolves around your body’s response to certain fats, carbs, or both. This will give you r a perfect idea about your body along with what food to avoid to keep it healthy.

This program comes along with an Individualized diet plan to boost the fat metabolism and once followed religiously; it can facilitate 10 pounds of fat loss in just 37 days.

​Your test results reports doesn’t only bring the conclusion about your genetic health, it will also facilitate the further process of strict nutrition and diet plan accordingly. Still you got to be careful whilst analyzing these reports as this will thoroughly explains about your body’s response towards certain nutrients.

12-week weight loss program includes:

Personal Health Coaching:  During the program, you will be getting a 1:1 coaching/ week by our trained health professionals .A dedicated health doctor will always be there to guide and support you at every step.

mohsen motamedian washington

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Meal Plans: The same doctor will first learn about your daily eating habits. They will thoroughly study the foods you like along whit the foods you don’t and accordingly create a diet plan to best serve your health! You will also get to learn about the basics of these diet plans along with the related Dos and don’ts that you need to follow in the process.

Natural Health Supplements: You will be facilitated with all the Weight Control & Metabolism Boosting Natural Health Products to help you through with your weight loss goals. That said, all our Natural Health Supplements are clinically tested and manufactured with the high quality ingredients which are safe and effective.

Weekly Vitamin injections: The health plan will also include vitamin B-complex, Vitamin B12, and Lipotropic vitamin injections to help you through in the weight loss process

How it works?

1. Your overall caloric intake will be reduced and this will further provide you with the right food combinations to facilitate the weight loss process. This process where the fat cells are used as a fuel for energy by the body is known as “Ketosis”. Till the time you won’t be consuming any extra calories, carbs or fats, the existing fat storage will be used to feed the energy requirements of the body.

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2. The sugar cycle gets broken with less consumption of carbs and sugar and this will further stabilize the sugar levels in the body.

3. You will be served with the most real and organic foods at every meal instead of all the processed or unhealthy foodstuffs around. All these fresh organic meals will be served on the basis of your dietary recommendations and this will further ensure better health and growth for a longer period of time.

4. There will also be certain Vitamin, mineral supplements, and medical foods to fulfill the basic nutritional requirements of your body. This will further avoid the occurrence of certain side effects of poor dieting like hunger, cravings, headaches, fatigue and irritability.

5. There will be regular 1 on 1 visits from the dedicated doctor in order to keep you up with your health progress. We will go by a health plan in order to replace all the unhealthy habits from your schedule to bring upon a healthy sustainable lifestyle change.

 6. Once you will achieve your weight loss goals, we will bring upon a perfectly designed maintenance plan to facilitate the long term health and wellbeing.

 7. Although daily exercising is always recommended, you are not necessarily required to go along with the same whilst following Dr. Layla’s diet program.

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