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Max Motamedian comes as one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in the country who also appears as the CEO of Bashari Inc, a firm involved in the manufacturing of vitamins and supplements since the year 2008. Ever since its establishment in the business world around, Mohsen Motamedian has been an active participant in most of its core business functions like marketing, sales, purchasing, and distribution. We can surely give it to his immense talent and decision-making capabilities that Bashari Inc has established itself as the most sought-after name for delivering top-notch healthcare products and services. Bashari Inc first start with a thorough health assessment for all its customers and the same includes a list of key observations and diagnosis in the process. They also got the best health professionals on board who will then recommend the most suitable supplements (depending on your biometrics) to support your overall health and development.

Whilst serving as the CEO of Bashari Inc, Mohsen Motamedian USA has always ensured of staying in line with all the key happenings and events in health and the medical world around. He also ensures his participation in most of the health-based conventions and ceremonies across the globe, where most of the health experts assemble to discuss the most recent trends in the health industry. This is where he has effectively planned and implemented all the key strategies to facilitate the overall growth and development of Bashari Inc over the years. Mohsen Motamedian exports have also represented Bashari Inc in most of the key events like the International Congress in Aesthetic, Anti-Aging Medicine, Laser Conference & Exhibition, the Dubai World Dermatology, and MEPLAST 2009. It is mainly due to Max Motamedian’s futuristic approach and decisive capabilities, Bashari Inc is now an established name in the health and beauty care domain.

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Before getting started with Bashari Inc, Mohsen Motamedian went through with his studies from California State University, Long Beach. This was the time when he got his interest created for the health and medicine domain and earned the Bachelor of Science degree in electronics, with an aim towards biomedical engineering. Max Motamedian also served as a Digital marketer and real estate agent for some time. If we look into his interests apart from his business, he has been counted amongst some of the most renowned philanthropists in the country and is currently involved with a number of charitable trusts like Autism Society and the Child Foundation. He also loves skiing, hiking, watching movies, traveling, and reading about airplanes and automobiles.

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