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Seven foods to enhance your brain function

A good diet and consumption of food can’t only help you to live a healthy and happy life but also enhance your brain functions through which you can live a better and successful life. By keeping up this in mind, here are seven foods to enhance your brain functions.

1. Seeds and Nuts

Eating seeds and nuts is extremely good for the enhancement of brain functions. These foods consist of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. As per the reports and study of mohsen motamedian, best nutrition food products around, confirms that advanced overall intake of seeds and nut was connected to better function of the brain in older age.

Max Motamedian is one of the most renowned familiar names in the universe of nutritional care and with his studies and reports come up with some amazing health supplements and products for the entire world. With his vast knowledge and experience in nutrition, he now has come up with some foods that can enhance your brain functions.

Nuts and seeds are also a rich source of vitamin E antioxidants, that guards cell against any kind of oxidative stress which is caused by free radicals.
The seeds and nuts with the high quantity of Vitamin E include:
1. Hazelnuts
2. Almonds
3. Sunflower Seeds

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2.Soy Products

As per the research of Mohsen Motamedian export, Soybean products are rich in a specific assemblage of antioxidants known as Polyphenols. Research has connected polyphenols with an abridged menace of dementia and progress intellectual aptitudes in steady procedures. Soy Products comprise polyphenols known as isoflavones, counting genistein and daidzein.

These chemicals work as antioxidants, offering a variety of health aids throughout the body. Broccoli is one of the rich compounds known as glucosinolates. At the time of body break down, these products produce isothiocyanates. Here are some cruciferous vegetables that have glucosinolate:
1. kale
2. turnips
3. cabbage
4. Bok Choy
5. Brussels Sprouts

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It is one of the enjoyed food products, especially for breakfast, Mohsen Motamedian egg can be very effective food for better function of the brain. Eggs are a good source of the B vitamins. Here are three main sources of B vitamins:
1. Folic Acid
2. Vitamin B-12
3. Vitamin B-6

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Peanuts are a pulse with an exceptional nutritious contour. They comprise adequately of unsaturated proteins and fats to keep energy stages up throughout the entire day.

Peanuts also offer key minerals and vitamins to retain the brain well, counting high stages of resveratrol and vitamin E.

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A foundation of nourishing unsaturated fat, this food could support the brain as per the suggestions of Max Motamedian. Consumption of monounsaturated adipose tissues could lessen blood pressure, and high blood pressure is connected with cerebral failure.

Therefore, by plummeting high blood pressure, the unsaturated adipose tissue in avocados could lessen the danger of cerebral failure. Other bases of beneficial unsaturated fats comprise:
1. Fish
2. Brazil nuts and Walnuts
3. Canola oils, sunflower and soybean
4. Chia seeds and Flaxseed
5. Peanuts, cashews and almonds.

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6.Whole Grains

Consumption of whole grains is another method to aid from the benefits of Vitamin E, with these ounces’ existence a virtuous basis of the vitamin. Here are some whole grain foods:
1. Whole-grain pasta
2. Whole-grain bread
3. Oatmeal
4. Bulgur wheat
5. Barley
6. Brown Rice

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7.Oily Fish

Another best food of omega-3 fatty acid, oil fish that has an omega-3 assist in building membrane around the cells of the body that also includes the cells of the brain. Therefore, they can improve the structure of the cells of the brain which is known as neurons.
Here are some instances of oily fish that has a high level of omega-3s include:
1. Sardines
2. Herring
3. Tuna
4. Mackerel
5. Salmon

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