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Revealing The Life Story About Mohsen Motamedian

Whenever we talk about the best entrepreneurs the name Mohsen Motamedian always rank on the top. He is a well-known personality who covered a long journey with his hard work. Mohsen Motamedian being a CEO of Bashari Inc took his business to the new heights in recent years. His hard works can easily be judged by the amazing growth of the business.

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About Bashari Inc

Bashari Inc is one popular organization that get into existence in the year of 2008. The major motive behind this organization is to provide the finest supplements and vitamins at the best pocket-friendly prices. Mohsen Motamedian believes in providing the best health to their clients at the lowest possible prices. Thus, after years of working and hard work Bashari is one leading organization in terms of manufacturing of vitamins and supplements that promises the best health benefits. For the best company growth, Mohsen Motamedian delivers his best participation and provides the best outcomes in every field such as- purchasing, distribution, sales and marketing. Today, Baashari Inc can proudly claim itself as the finest organization in the field of healthcare and services provided with the best supplements and vitamins for healthy living.

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How Mohsen Motamedian Proves as a gem for his business?


Mohsen Motamedian promises his 100 per cent in providing the best success to the business. Being a CEO, Mohsen Motamedian tries to keep an active report about all the activities and the recent trends and developments in the field of healthcare to provide the best results to their clients. He believes in gaining the best knowledge and thus attends every ceremonies and convention from the finest health professionals to keep himself update with the recent knowledge. This is the reason why Mohsen Motamedian is known as the best entrepreneur and a blessing for Bashari Inc.

Being a CEO of Bashari Inc, Mohsen Motamedian took his firm on the new heights by representing his organization into the several well-recognized events like- International congress in aesthetic, anti-ageing medicine, the Dubai world dermatology, laser conference and the exhibition and MEPLAST 2009. His idea of representing the business to these events proved as a magic for the company’s growth. Thus, it won’t be wrong saying that he took the best decision for his business. With his hard work, we have a well-known organization who manufactures the finest supplements that promises the best healthcare to the world.

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Mohsen Motamedian Education

Before joining the business, he finished his education from the famous California State University, Long Beach. He was one bright student and thus got a lot of praises from their teachers. During the studies, Mohsen Motamedian realized the fact about his interest in medicine. Thus, he works hard to turn his interest into a reality and get a bachelor’s degree in electronics in the same year. Being a bright student, he got the best results in biomedical engineering and further be a part of Bashari Inc and proved his efficiency and hard work by taking this firm to the new big heights.

For a few years, Mohsen Motamedian worked in digital marketing where he got his interest in real estate markets.


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Mohsen Motamedian passion

Apart from Bashari Inc, he has a great interest and was passionate about his love for skiing, hiking, watching movies and reading (mostly about automobiles and aeroplanes). He is also involved with different charitable trust such as- Autism Society and the Child Foundation, being the most renowned philanthropists.


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