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Diagnosed with Diabetes? Check Out this Low Carb Diet for Diabetic Patients

If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, controlling the spike in blood sugar levels must come as your top priority. While medicines and medical consultations come as a prerequisite, your diet and routine also going to play a key role in the treatment process.

Mohsen Motamedian, who has created some big name in the health and nutrition world over the years, further talks about the significance of a healthy diet in the prevention of diabetes. Moreover, he talks about a low carb diet for people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. According to him, one must understand the basic concepts and mechanism of the diet before going forward.

What is a Low carb diet for diabetic patients?

It’s a world known fact that carbohydrates come as a major source of energy for our body. And yes, these carbs turn into glucose before getting consumed by our body for its proper functioning.

Hence, once you lower down the carb consumption in your diet, you can significantly decrease the glucose levels within the body. As per Mohsen Motamedian export, low glucose levels will decrease the spike in blood sugar levels and the body can still source its energy from proteins during that time.

Major components of a low carb diet for diabetic patients

Diet rich in proteins and fibers

While we do understand that a healthy diet must consist of proper ratios of all the macronutrients this diet for diabetics is no different. According to Mohsen Motamedian, you must indulge yourself in a diet full of all the proteins and fibers. Speaking of proteins, this macronutrient can be grabbed from food options like lean meat, eggs, soy, fish seeds, and nuts.

On the other side, fibers can be derived from all the non-starchy vegetables and fruits. While you do that, you must keep an eye on the carbohydrate consumption on a daily basis. A diet rich in carbohydrates may result in high blood sugar levels and this is where it must be avoided at any cost.

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Avoiding all the processed and packaged foods

No matter how healthy and balanced diet you follow, you cannot get the best results if you cannot avoid the consumption of junk and refined food options at the same time. All these processed and packaged food items come loaded with unwanted calories, additives, and preservatives that can eventually harm our digestive system.

Besides, they can also lay a negative impact on the proper functioning of our body organs over time. Hence, it is highly recommended to bring along all the healthy food options that are cooked at home only.

Go for fresh and seasonal produce

Quite often people go for stale and outdated products in order to save some money during grocery shopping. Little do they know that the same food can prove quite harmful for their overall health and well-being.

As per Mohsen Motamedian, your top priority should be to go for fresh and seasonal food products that are low in carbohydrates and dietary sugars. These food options, besides being low in carbs, can prove crucial to fulfilling your body’s nutritional demands on a daily basis.

Consulting with a doctor

As you are about to follow a low carb diet, you must not forget to consult with your doctor or physician beforehand. The results out of this diet may vary according to your weight, age, and health situation and this is where undergoing this diet after keeping your physician in the loop can bring out the desired results.

While you do that, track and monitor your daily calorie consumption, meal portions, and serving sizes. This way you can avoid the over consumption of all these nutrients.

Dietary supplements

There may be a chance that you cannot derive all the nutrients from food while looking to reduce down your blood sugar levels. So, after keeping your doctor or a physician in the loop, you can opt for random dietary supplements to fulfill all the nutritional requirements. Health supplements like Whey proteins, probiotics, or multivitamins can be taken under medical supervision only.

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