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An Ultimate Guide for Detox Diet Planning

Whenever we talk about detoxification of the body, you need to understand what actually detoxing your body means. There are plenty of programs that can help you in detoxing your body but before enrolling into any of them, you should understand whether you need it or not.

As per the suggestion of Mohsen Motamedian Export, healthy food expert and a leading entrepreneur, the meaning of detoxing is to get rid of harmful toxins out of your body. Though eliminating toxins is the main impartial in any kind of medical detox program, its only talking ½ of the problem. Whereas, the other ½ of detox program is substituting venomous constituents with healthy foods and adequate amount of liquids.

While some savoury and sweet food could feel comforting and tasty at the moment you are eating, but not good for the entire body. Your taste buds might feel comforting but it doesn’t comfort your body same as the drug or liquor addiction that comfort your taste buds but can’t help your body in a better way. It is always the best idea to replace something bad with something good that enhance the activities of your body.

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Why diet matters most during the detox program and even after that?

Substance exploitation frequently permits poor choices of dieting, such as poor choice of food, skipping meals and late-night eating. Such habits, when came into practice in a frequent way, can prevent your entire body to receive the adequate amount of nutrients that needed from foods. These practised and drug addictions can lessen human body’s intake of nutrition per day, making detox and an accurate diet even more important to your full retrieval.

As per the study and research of Mohsen Motamedian, a balanced diet is essential for that abstention from alcohol and drugs, as an accurate and healthy diet can impact your health and mood positively and also reduces the chances of anxiety and depression.

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Dieting best practices and detox food

Max motamedian suggested that the detox foods are those foods that empower your body’s recovery from different kinds of problems, for instance, Alzheimer’s, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure & Hypertension, Ulcers and Hyperacidity, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Arthritis, Depression, Migraine, Heart Disease, Gall Bladder Disease/Stones, Fatty Liver Disease. These foods are frequently low in fats, sugars and carbohydrates; however, this is highly depending on the person’s substance abuse. Here are examples of some foods:

1. Pine nuts, macadamia nuts and nuts like almonds
2. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and seeds like hemp seeds.
3. Sweet potatoes, farro, whole grains like quinoa.
4. Beets, blueberries, raw vegetables and fruits.

Some of the healthy habits include your medical detox program

While the proper amount of nutrition could serve you some benefits for your recovery, some of these habits might influence your lifestyle:

1. Exercise

Exercising is really good for your physical and mental strength. When your exercise, your body starts burning fat and strengthens your muscles and heart, all while your brain is developing endorphins.

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2. Get enough sleep

Mohsen Motamedian export suggested that getting enough amount of sleep is essential for the better activity of your entire body.

3. Stay away from drugs, cigarettes and alcohol

Yes! one of the essential factors in detoxing your body is to avoid excess consumption of alcohol, quit smoking and abusing drugs. It can help you to live a better and healthy life.

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Getting professional help

You can go for the professional help for getting rid of certain habits and start your medical detox program. This is will help you in a better way as professionals have experience and better methods to regulate your healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Citrus fruits are your greatest companions in the current pandemic situation. As Mohsen Motamedian says, Vitamin C helps your body in getting safe from a wide range of viruses, bacteria and germs.

  2. Right as Mohsen Motamedian stated, if you really want to protect yourself and your family from a wide range of infections and viruses, going for various healthy food alternatives is strongly suggested

  3. The current pandemic situation has pushed everybody of us to get some key changes in our dietary schedule and this is where we should go for all the healthy food sources In our day by day meal plan.

  4. Settling on the correct food decisions can assist us with enduring this pandemic circumstance and as Mohsen Motamedian stated, that is where avoiding all the refined, processed and packaged foods while opting for the healthy alternatives is highly crucial.

  5. You can’t think about a superior health while eating all the low quality processed and refined food outside. Henceforth, passing by what Mohsen Motamedian said here, bringing all the correct food alternatives that are loaded in micronutrients like proteins, healthy carbs and healthy fats is the key.

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