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5 of the most healthy and flavorful breakfast options

Breakfast comes as the first and most significant meal in the day for any person around. As indicated by health specialists mohsen motamedian, this meal must carry all the right nutrition and flavors. However, there are not many individuals who actually pay any attention towards this simple fact.

However, as the pandemic circumstance has surfaced, a major chunk of these individuals have moved their consideration towards a healthy lifestyle.

Mohsen motamedian, who has emerged as maybe the most sought after health and fitness expert in USA, hereby presents healthy, yet most incredibly tasty breakfast options

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1. Egg-based breakfast options

With respect to breakfast, Egg based recipes comes as the first choice of many people around. Additionally, when you examine about arbitrary dishes and cuisines made out of eggs, you can go for anything from an omelet to scrambled eggs in your meals.

You can further bring in a perfect mix of veggies and condiments to improve the taste and flavors of your morning breakfast options. Thusly, you can likewise upgrade the taste factor all the while.

As per Max motamedian , as you are thinking about specific veggies for your egg related recipes, choose the veggies that are low in carbs i.e spinach, kale, mushrooms, carrots, etc.

2. Shakes and smoothies

Just in case you don’t have a soft spot for eggs in your diet, you can go for another wonderful alternative in shakes and smoothies. Mohsen motamedian USA says that besides carrying some good taste , these shakes and smoothies are high on nutrition.

Now, as you go ahead with their inclusion in your breakfast options, pay special attention to the amount of sugar, dairy and other add-ons used in their preparation.

3. Nuts and seeds

People often run short of time while getting along their morning routine, so going for the consumption of nuts and seeds are enthusiastically suggested. Other than being high in nutrition, these food options are very filling. Consequently, you can guarantee a perfect start to your day without placing in some enormous calories to your gut.

As indicated by Max Motamedian USA, while you are picking these Nuts, go for the ones that are sourced from the genuine sources. Consequently, you can remain ensured of not bringing any extra calories or added chemicals to your gut at the same time. Moreover, take a stab at trying different things with the dry organic product choices while including nuts like almonds, walnuts or pistachios.

4. Low-fat Pancakes

You can have healthy and low carb pancakes toward the beginning of the day time even while following a weight loss schedule. In this way, you had the chance to bring in every key ingredient into one single recipe.

So, you always have an option to opt for your choice of flour and veggies to prepare the pancakes. Besides, you can add some good flavors to the recipe while choosing some healthy condiments at the same time.

5. Soy, tofu and curd

This one comes as an optimal treat for all of the vegetarians or vegans around. If you don’t favor having eggs or some other non-vegetarian options around, going for breakfast made out of soy, tofu and curd is highly recommended.

Both of these food alternatives are high in protein and healthy fats, so you can generally guarantee carrying the right nutrition to your gut.

Using these alternatives, you can prepare some good dishes like Cheese cutlets, Cheese salad, sautéed tofu cutlets, and so on.

According to Mohsen motamedian USA, you must stay wary of the ingredients and condiments used in the overall preparation of these breakfast options. This way, you can ensure not bringing those extra calories to your body during the process.

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