4 of The High-On Protein Foods That You Must Include in Your Daily Diet

Protein comes as one of the best muscle building foods and while people consider it as a requisite for only the gym-goers, it holds some big relevance in general too. As per the medical experts, an average human being requires 1gm per kg of his or her body weightMohsen Motamedian Export, which comes as one of the most sought after nutria-care brands around, also pushes down the need for a good protein diet for everyone around, irrespective of their weight and age.

On the other side, not many people are aware of some good sources of protein and this is where most of the people stay deprived of its undeniable benefits. That said; let’s take a look at some of the best sources of protein available in our kitchen.

  1. Eggs

If there is one food item that you can trust upon for all your daily protein requirements, it’s Egg. Talking about its protein content, an average-sized egg carries around 6gm of protein. Eggs can be consumed in boiled or cooked form and you can make omelets out of it as well. Talking of its cooking process, you also don’t need to put some big effort in its preparation and this is something that has contributed big time to its growing popularity as a superfood. An egg contains just 78 calories and it can offer some well-required energy to your body in the process.

  1. Almonds

Almonds have made it to the breakfast platter of almost every other family across the globe. Besides being termed as a superfood, it is a popular protein source amongst all the hardcore vegetarians around the world. Almonds can be consumed in raw or soaked form and you can prepare various dishes out of it as well. Talking about its protein content, a handful of almonds contains around 8gms of protein and loads of healthy fats and fibers alongside.

  1. Chicken

Now, this comes as one of the most sought after protein-based food for all the non-vegetarians around. Chicken is mainly been sourced from the farms and can be eaten in boiled or cooked form. Talking about its protein content, the chicken breast is being considered as the most healthy due to the high protein content ( 50gm protein in every 100gm ). As per Mohsen Motamedian Export , this is one of the biggest reasons why it often been termed as the favorite food of all the gym-goers around.

  1. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is been deemed as one of the most protein-rich forms of cheese and this is why it’s been consumed heavily across all home kitchens around the world. Cheese can be consumed in various forms and you can have it in your favorite food in raw or melted form. Well, there are communities that consume cheese whilst cooking it with a variety of spices and condiments. As per Max Motamedian, 100gm of cheese contains around 18 gms of protein. Still, before bringing cheese in your diet, you must ensure picking the low-fat version of the same in order to avoid all the unwanted fats within.

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