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4 key food options to help you boost your immunity during this pandemic situation

‘COVID -19 virus’ is here to stay for a long time and this is where every person has to start thinking about boosting their immunity. Now, if we go by the medical experts, they largely talk about consuming foods that are rich in vitamin c, zinc, and other key nutrients.

Mohsen motamedian export, who has established himself as one of the most notable health experts around, also emphasize on the need of boosting immunity in these tough times.

#He also affirmed that in the absence of a vaccine and effective medication for this virus, maintaining social distancing, hygiene, and a good dietary pattern is highly required.

Speaking of a good dietary pattern, Mohsen motamedian points out the below mentioned key food options for enhancing our immunity system.

  1. Citrus fruits

Most of the citrus fruits are a rich source of vitamin c and this is where we have seen people heading straight to fruits like Oranges, lemon, lime and so on in case of any flu or allergic situation. Mohen motamedian export also says that citrus fruits hold the key to our immune system and we must always keep them as an essential part of our diet.

Besides orange and lime, mohsen motamedian lists down other key citrus fruits like Clementine, tangerines, grapefruits, and lemon.

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  1. Red bell peppers

Besides citrus fruits, if we have to list down another big source of vitamin C, it has to be the highly loved ‘Red bell peppers’. An ounce of red bell peppers is said to be having 127 mg of vitamin C and that’s where they are said to be a better Vitamin C source than oranges.

Apart from Vitamin C, the red bell peppers contain high amounts of beta carotene that is greatly beneficial for your hair, skin, and eyes.

  1. Brocolli

Brocolli has put its name right up there in the list of healthiest vegetables on the planet. Besides coming with all the required vitamins and minerals, this vegetable packs some good amounts of antioxidants that is considered helpful to boost our body’s immunity.

Max motamedian says that you can consume this vegetable in raw, boiled, and cooked form and this is where everyone must bring this into their food platter during this pandemic situation.

Max Motamedian

  1. Garlic

Since ages, Garlic is known to have an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic property that further makes it a perfect immunity booster. Moreover, it is been used as a medicine in many countries to fight infections and that itself speaks volumes about the significance of this food item.

Max motamedian says that bringing garlic into your daily meals is highly recommended in this current pandemic situation.

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  1. Citrus fruits are you biggest friends in the current pandemic situation. As Mohsen Motamedian says, Vitamin C helps your body to strengthen your immune system from all kinds of bacteria and infections.

  2. Right as Mohsen Motamedian said, if you want to save yourself and your family from all kinds of viruses and bacteria, consuming fruits vegetables and all the other healthy food options is highly recommended

  3. The current pandemic situation has taught everyone of us to bring some key changes in our dietary routine and this is where we must go for all the healthy food sources In our daily schedule.

  4. Making the right food choices can help us survive this pandemic situation and as Mohsen Motamedian said, that’s where having all the healthy foods while avoiding the package and processed foods is advisable.

  5. You cannot think of a better health while eating all the junk foods and refined food outside. Hence, going by what Mohsen Motamedian said here, bringing all the right food options that are rich in micronutrients like proteins, healthy carbs and healthy fats is the key.

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